Accommodation in Rutland

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Broccoli Bottom provides quality accommodation in Rutland, both self catering properties and bed and breakfast.

Situated on the same site, the accommodation is provided over five individual self catering properties and a double and twin room in the bed and breakfast.

If you are looking for group accommodation in Rutland, Broccoli Bottom provides an excellent base for family get togethers, groups of cyclists, ramblers, fishermen, sailors and bird watchers. Sleeping up to 23 guests, we provide a unique accommodation facility close to Rutland Water.

We welcome well behaved children and obedient dogs in our accommodation, situated in the heart of Rutland, with paddocks and countryside walks to enjoy.

We have been awarded a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for consistent outstanding reviews for our accommodation and we are number 1 bed and breakfast in Rutland.